Micronized Soy

Micronized soy concentrate. Thanks to the thermal and mechanical treatment to which the soybean is subject, a product with 51% crude protein and 93% digestibility is obtained, reducing the anti-nutritional factors of the soybean and improving its digestible amino acid content by more than 15%.

  • Target species

    Aquaculture, Poultry, Porcine

  • Category

    Functional Ingredients

The key to obtaining a product with these nutritional features is to carry out a correct heat treatment at low temperature, but with enough time to reduce the anti-nutritional factors without denaturing the protein.

In addition, the subsequent micronization treatment allows for a particle size of less than 150 microns, which allows for a greater surface area of action by the digestive enzymes, notably improving their digestibility.

Ideal source of protein for the feed formulation of all species in early ages where digestibility is key.

Digestibility Palatability
High High

Composition Micronization
Digestible amino acid < 150 MICRONS

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