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Be2Feed®is a young Spanish company specialized in the world of ANIMAL HEALTH and NUTRITION. It is founded on the effort, enthusiasm and work of a team led by veterinarians with extensive experience in national and international markets.

Be2Feed® was created with the purpose of helping Biotech companies in the internationalization and commercial positioning of their products, with special focus on the AQUACULTURE and PETFOOD sectors in Europe and Latin America.

More than 10 years of experience in the animal nutrition sector have provided us with extensive technical and market knowledge, allowing us to understand first-hand the technological and nutritional needs of different regions on a global level.

Be2Feed® is the ideal partner for the international expansion of your business, offering the animal nutrition market quality products and solutions that guarantee the highest productive performance of the animals, always committed to respecting and caring for the health, quality and safety that we all deserve.

Our professional experience is therefore the focus of attention for well-known and prestigious companies interested in expanding their presence in international markets.

Be2Feed® is committed to ensuring its clients a RELIABLE NUTRITION.


International Presence

We currently distribute our products in several European and Latin American countries: Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia,
Argentina, Dominican Republic…


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We are a team with the best professionals in veterinary, nutrition, business relations and customer service. In addition, we are always willing and with the best energy to work together with clients like you: concerned about the nutrition of your animals and about your business.

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