Encapsulated Sodium Butyrate

The use of Butyrate in its correct form and presentation is of great help to the development and good functioning of the digestive system when starting up and gives the intestine the maximum size of the intestinal villi to increase its microbiota and the assimilation of nutrients.

  • Target species

    Porcine, Poultry, Aquaculture

  • Category

    Nutritional Specialties

In early age it accelerates the formation and development of the digestive system.

Throughout the entire digestive tract it inhibits bacterial growth, maintaining the health of the digestive tract and achieving optimal nutrient assimilation.

Trophic effect: specific nutrition for cellular activity. It is the immediate energy source for the cells of the intestinal epithelium in the intestine. Immediate energy for enterocytes.

Increases epithelial regeneration, as well as the size of its intestinal microvilli, increasing the absorption surface and therefore its performance.

Stimulates the regeneration of the microbiota after possible antibiotic treatments.

Increased development of gastrointestinal cells which facilitates the absorption of nutrients

From our experience, we have developed a new encapsulation system that gives Butyrate unquestionable properties and makes our product a new reference.

This technology encapsulates butyrate particles with sizes of about 25 nanometers, introducing a new reference in the global butyrate market.

The particle size shows a higher reactivity of the particles compared to conventional butyrate on a micro scale (higher number of surface atoms and surface yield), thus improving its effect.

MULTIPLE ENCAPSULATION TECHNOLOGY: The Nano-encapsulation allows the matrix in which our product is manufactured, an orderly release of the particles by the effect of lipases, causing them to bio-assimilate while they are released, preventing the particles from adding and recovering micro sizes by the effect known as Van der Waal forces.

The size of our butyrate corresponds to a matrix containing agglomerates of between thousands and millions of particles of encapsulated nanometric size, which allows each particle to fragment without the active ingredient losing its enteric protection.

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