Chondroprotectors are feed supplements specifically developed to help animals with joint problems.

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Some pet breeds have a genetic predisposition to problems in these parts of the body, especially large and heavy dogs that suffer more from cartilage and joint problems. However, it is also possible that due to other circumstances, the pet may end up suffering injuries or joint pain of various kinds and it is in these cases that chondroprotectors play a very important role.


Patented extract of cockscomb rich in hyaluronic acid. Synergistic effects between the compounds in the extract.

Improves mobility and reduces joint pain.

Improves endogenous synthesis of hyaluronic acid by synoviocytes.

Effectiveness supported by 11 scientific studies including nutrigenomics and metaanalysis.


High purity and precise traceability.

Reduces joint pain and increases mobility.

Recommended by all international therapy guidelines.

Extensive scientific evidence.


Innovative product, with an exclusive manufacturing process that preserves the native structure of collagen.

Reduces joint inflammation.

Immunomodulating mechanism that reduces endogenous cartilage destruction.

With scientific studies that support its effectiveness.


Extracted from the shrimp exoskeleton.

Reduces joint degradation.

With anti-inflammatory effect.

Cellular protector – Eliminates free radicals.

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